Defensive Driving

DLC’s Training has been teaching Defensive Driving in Dartmouth for years. We’ve now expanded and added a full driving school, certified by the Canada Safety Council. Check out our calendar to find a time that meets your requirements.

Canada Safety Council certified instructors offer this one-day standard course throughout Canada. This is an established, proven program and is designed for the adult learner. This meets the requirements of Nova Scotia’s exit from the Graduated Licensing Program and may reduce points on a license (subject to local regulations).

We hold classroom courses on demand and limit the size of our courses as to enable our instructors to foster discussions.

The Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course (DDC) and helps drivers join the ranks of the most safety-conscious drivers on the road.

Safe driving is a matter of occupational safety. However, an estimated nine out of 10 time-loss injuries happen off the job, not counting employees who take time off to care for an injured family member.

When a driver is involved in a crash, insurance rates can skyrocket. In addition, indirect costs can include recuperation time. For an employer re-staffing, retraining and lost productivity is another consideration.

Fewer collisions to company vehicles will help control insurance costs – and safe drivers lose less time from work because they avoid collisions. That is why a defensive driving course can benefit all who have a driver’s licence. DDC is designed to teach how to drive safely.

Traffic crashes are preventable … by defensive driving.

The course:

The Defensive Driving Course is an established, proven program designed to produce:

  • fewer vehicle collisions;
  • less absenteeism due to injuries and court time; and
  • life-long safe driving habits.
  • DDC is designed for the adult learner.

Complete concepts are presented so they are easily understood.

Materials are fully integrated. This enables participants who can’t read well to learn visually and through group discussion.

Course outline

  • Five core modules and choice of three optional modules, taught in six hours;
  • Case studies and written exercises;
  • Interactive class discussion; and
  • Specific techniques to help drivers avoid all types of traffic collisions despite the actions of others or the driving conditions.
  • Drivers learn the principles of defensive driving and essential collision avoidance techniques.

Support materials:

Students receive:

  • A comprehensive Student Manual which consolidates course content and provides interactive exercises; and
  • A graduation card and certificate.

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