Prometric Computer Testing Centre

DLC’s Training was a Prometric Partner and ran a computer testing lab dedicated completely for their tests. We could not reach an agreement to continue testing past 2022 and any who are looking to find a new site, please contact your sponsor for more information.


Computer lab can do 6 days a week and tests for other organizations

Computer lab is always closed on Sunday for cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 30 minutes before your exam time to make sure paperwork can be done and 

What ID do I need?

That depends on the exam that you are taking,, however in general a government issue, photo, signature non expired ID is a common requirement. You will be told what to bring when you register for the exam.

Can I register or reschedule at the test center ?

No,  We have no ability to do either of those.

Is there anywhere to lock up my stuff ?

We have 1 foot by 1 foot lockers and locks that you can use while your here.

What are the regulations for the test center?

Please contact where you scheduled for their regulations.

Can I bring in food or water into the testing room ?

No, food and drink is not allowed into the testing room.  In some circumstances you may be granted for an accommodation to test with food or drink. Please see your sponsor for details.